Top 5 Cultural Centres in Madrid

Make your checklist guys! In this blog we will give you our top 5 Cultural Centres in Madrid. Madrid has some fantastic spots, to get away from the metropolitan bustle and take in the Spanish culture! So here are our top 5 locations to hideaway. 

1. Matadero


The Matadero is our number one cultural location in Madrid. The Matadero is a former slaughterhouse in the Arguanzela district of Madrid. Currently the space has been converted to an Arts Centre. It is a lively, constantly changing space at the service of creative processes, participatory artistic training and dialogue between the arts. The buildings were in use as a slaughterhouse until 1996. At the turn of the 21st century, Madrid City Council decided to turn this space into a great laboratory for contemporary artistic creation. Thus, Matadero has become an opportunity to experiment with Madrid’s new architecture.

2. Parque de Capricho


The Parque de El Capricho is a park in Madrid. The name capricho means “folly” in Spanish. In fact, the park was created by Duchess of Osuna on her estate at Alameda de Osuna, which was then outside the city of Madrid. The park is landscaped in eighteenth-century style with formal and naturalistic features. It is recognised as one of the most beautiful parks in the city. The landscape design shows some English influence. Characteristically of continental gardens in the English style, there are a number of “eye-catchers” such as a hermit’s house. Other features include a lake and a maze.

3. Sala Equis


Located in a historic building in the city centre which housed Madrid’s last porno cinema, Sala Equis is large space devoted to entertainment strives to promote film culture by holding themed series. The range of street-style culinary offerings, which are great for social gatherings, add an extra dash of spice. In addition to screenings (films, concerts, video clips, film galas and musicals), the activities held in the venue include theatre, ad hoc stage performances designed for the space and acoustic concerts.

4. La Casa Encendida


La Casa Encendida, the social and cultural centre of the Fundación Obra Social y Monte de Piedad de Madrid, showcases the most avant-garde exhibitions along with all types of artistic expression, as well as classes and workshops on environmental and community issues. The cultural schedule includes scenic arts, movies, exhibitions, and other examples of contemporary work.

5. Conde Duque



The cultural space of Conde Duque offers more than 58.777 square meters of infrastructures dedicated to culture. In addition to several exhibition halls, it has an auditorium and a theatre where various performing arts performances are regularly held. It is also home to the Archivo de la Villa, the Historical Library, the Municipal Library and the Biblioteca Digital Memoria of Madrid.

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