Online Spanish Course

From "Spanglish" to Spanish in only 10 weeks!
Online Spanish Lessons

 Our 10 week online Spanish course was designed by our team of Spanish teachers, who with their vast teaching experience have been able to implement our teaching philosophy in the online world. Our teaching philosophy is “learn by doing”, a technique resulting in faster and effective learning for students. Our Spanish teachers will base their online lessons on interactive Spanish exercises, games and simulations.
 By participating in our 10 week online Spanish program, we guarantee that you will increase your Spanish level! Meaning that if you start the course being in leve A1.1, in 10 weeks you will be on level A1.2 of Spanish, and will keep increasing your level every 10 weeks.
Classes will start 05 October.

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Price: 200€ (2 hours per week, 10€/hour)

Class duration: 1 hour Class times: 2 hours per week

Class Schedule: Option 1: Monday and Wednesday – 18:30H – 19:30H Option 2: Tuesday and Thursday – 18:30H – 19:30H

Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 (subject to availability)

To book a spot simply send us a WhatsApp message to: +34 652 63 56 02

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