Online Spanish Course

From Spanglish to Spanish in 10 weeks!

You’ve reached this page because you are interested in learning Spanish online. With today’s current limitations, distance learning is our solution to helping you achieve your Spanish goals.

Online classes increased 179% in Spain this year! And while many of us had our doubts about online classes, we quickly discovered it to be a really efficient way of learning Spanish. We have learned a lot about online teaching during this period and realized that the main struggles were the lack of commitment and how crammed with details classes are. So, we have spent the last year developing our online curriculum to make it more efficient and give our students the best learning experience.

Your 10-week online Spanish program
VivaSpanish’s online 10-week is based on your individual needs so you can speak with confidence and learn quickly. The course content focuses on the essentials so you can end each class able to express something new that you can apply in your everyday life.

Online Spanish Course

“I can understand more than I can speak”
This is what we hear the most. A common struggle for online students is a feeling of slow progression. And when online students “can understand more than they can speak”, it creates frustration. We have a plan to change that.

Perfect for beginners
Our program will enable beginners to improve from scratch or very basic Spanish to the next level quickly. In comparison to your average class, the extra fluff has been diminished. We focus on the most important aspects to improve your level fast.

10 weeks is the perfect course length: it’s not so long but it’s long enough for you to commit yourself and make clear progress. If you are already in Spain, then it’s perfect to accompany you in your integration journey. If you haven’t moved to sunny Spain yet, it is the perfect course to make your first days in Spain easier. 

How does it work?
Our online Spanish students have 2 hours of class per week for ten weeks in small groups (4-6 students) so every student has the chance to communicate.

You can start learning today
Right after sign-up, our students receive a welcome digital kit containing information that will enable them to start preparing their course before the first class.

Our course dates change according to availability, contact us to see when the next course is starting!

Spots are limited
Due to small class sizes, spots are limited. Those who sign up after the class is fully booked will be placed on a waiting list.

Book now and don’t lose the opportunity to progress fast

 By participating in our 10-week online Spanish program, we guarantee that you will increase your Spanish level! Meaning that if you start your program being in love A1.1, in 10 weeks you will be on level A1.2 of Spanish, and will keep increasing your level every 10 weeks.
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