Looking for an apartment in Madrid can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have the right information beforehand. You might, or you might not know already that we want to make your life in Madrid easier. That is why we created this 5-steps guide on how to find the perfect apartment in Madrid.

1 – Do not book anything before visiting the apartment

On the internet you will find a lot of offers that look amazing at first sight: you will find nice apartments very easily, but in reality it might be scam, deceptive advertising or flats in very bad condition with old pictures. Therefore, our first advice to you is to always visit the apartment before booking anything. We always recommend new international team members to stay in a hotel or hostel during 2 weeks while searching for a flat. These might not be the best 2 weeks of your life, but in the end it is worth it.

2 – Try to find people you know as your future roommates

Some people enter an apartment where they don’t know any of their roommates. Lots of those people end up having problems because of the different lifestyles. As you might know already, there are people who love partying and people who don’t, there are people who clean immediately after cooking and there are people who leave their stuff for 2 days before cleaning it. Make sure to find people who have the same lifestyle as you before moving in with them.

3 – Be the best version of yourself when you visit an apartment

Visiting a room or apartment before renting it can be seen as a job interview. You have to be friendly, clean and you have to get along with the landlord and roommates. It is a very competitive market and landlords pick the best candidates. So try to be the best version of yourself when you go visit an apartment in Madrid. 

4 – Show your interest with enthusiasm

If you find a room that you like, make it very clear that you are interested. Ask immediately what the following steps are to book it and stick to the instructions the landlord gives you.

5 – Bring money!

Some apartments are very popular. Therefore, we recommend you to bring €50. You can use this as a “signal” to show that you are interested in the room. Often, when they show you the room and you bring money, they book it for you. 

We hope that you found our “How to find the perfect apartment in Madrid in only 5 steps?” useful and that you will find an apartment successfully! 

Oh, and, Welcome to Madrid! 

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