ways to earn money as a student
Are you moving to Madrid as a student and you’re not sure on how to earn money? Keep on reading to find out how to earn money as a student in Madrid!
1. Work jobs bartending or waiting tables
Everyone knows that students usually have a tight schedule, with not much room during the day to work. This is why so many students choose to do casual jobs while they study such as bartending or waiting tables, mainly in restaurants and bars. Casual jobs are a great way  to earn money as a student in Madrid. This way, students can complete their study obligations during the day, and if they want to work a few hours at night for cash. If you’re a European Union citizen then you can work the amount of hours that you want and can find in Spain, this is once you have a residence certificate. A great place to find casual work like this is  https://es.indeed.com/
2. Work as a babysitter and language tutor
Madrid is a massive and buzzing city. You can always find something to do in Madrid, this is why young families are constantly on the lookout for babysitters for their children. Also, Spanish people in general tend to have very basic English skills and they know it’s something that they need to improve, so a lot of the babysitter jobs out there also require a bilingual babysitter who can teach the kids a bit of English. If this sounds like you, why not apply for some of these jobs 😉!
Some great websites in which you can read about the job and contact the job posters directly are:
3. Language school teacher
This option is a bit similar to babysitting but without the little ones! If you have previous experience with teaching or tutoring a foreign language then this one is for you! As mentioned before, knowing English well is a massive plus in Spain and can allow you to help others in improving their English skills. There are a lot of English language schools in Madrid which you can apply to. A great site in which you can find English teaching options is Madridteacher.com
4. Deliver food
If you’re a student living in Madrid then you also know of the typical Uber Eats or Glovo order at 3am after a night out 😜! 
need some cash to pay for your living expenses in Madrid, then you can also sign up as a delivery person for UberEats, Glovo or Deliveroo. These platforms all offer the same service but work with different restaurants. The only requirement is that you provide your own transportation method (could be a bike or motorcycle) and then you can start riding once you’re approved as a delivery person. You can check out more information on their websites.


5. Tourist guide
Madrid also is one of the most visited cities in Europe by tourists. Around 6 million tourists visit Madrid every year! This is a great opportunity for International people living in Madrid. Tourism companies often run the same tours in several languages, so you could even run the tours in your own language. 
Some options are:
So there you have it! Our top 5 ways to earn money while you study in Madrid. We hope this helps in your search 😄!
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