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It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a crazy and stressful year for everyone all over the world! Even though we had months with no freedom to leave our house due to being possibly exposed to the virus, it seems that us Madrileños (people living in Madrid) are now heading back out slowly, and beginning to enjoy most things Madrid has to offer! So, if you’re looking for some fun and covid-safe activities to do by yourself or with friends, keep on reading!

Here are our top 5  activities to do in Madrid post-covid. 


  • Spend the afternoon at Parque El Retiro

If you haven’t been to El Retiro, make sure you do so as soon as you can! It’s one of the largest parks in Madrid, being almost the “lungs” of the city. It belonged to the monarchy up until the 19th century, and you can still admire art and sculptures from that time when visiting El Retiro. There are various activities that you can do when visiting El Retiro. Be sure to check out these top 10 interesting facts about El Retiro 

Best thing is that it is completely free and you will be breathing fresh air. Try to keep your distance with strangers anyway as but with the park being so massive, chances are you will be pretty safe from Covid. 

  • Visit the Templo de Debod

The Templo de Debod is actually a shrine from the early 2nd century BC in Egypt, near the Nile river! It has been maintained and rebuilt many times, even by Roman emperors. In 1960, UNESCO decided to donate and move the Templo de Debod to Spain and made Spain in charge of preserving the temple. 

It is a stunning architectural piece from early times and holds so much history. You can also admire one of the best views of the city from here! Pro tip: head out 15-20 minutes before sunset to the temple, look around and read about it, and then set a mini picnic in the park near the lookout. You will definitely witness and amazing sunset over pretty Madrid! 

  • Walk around La Gran Via

La Gran Via is one of the most famous streets in Madrid. Showcasing some of the city’s most impressive architecture, it took several decades to complete! La Gran Via connects the city northern-eastern part really well. Nowadays it’s famous for it’s shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment. While the shops might be crowded as they usually are in La Gran Via, why not take a walk around it to admire its architecture!

  • Have coffee at Barrio Salamanca

Barrio Salamanca is well-known as one of the most old and “posh” neighbourhoods of the city. Featuring historic architecture, hosting most international embassies, luxury boutiques and epic cafes, Barrio Salamanca is definitely one to not miss. We love to people watch while sipping on a warm cappuccino outdoors. There are plenty of cafes that offer outdoor sitting, where you can sit back, relax, and even read through your Spanish class notes!

  • Walk through Barrio de Malasaña

As featured on Time Out mag, Malasaña has been officially christened as THE place to be in Madrid, and the trendiest neighbourhood 😉. Walk around the barrio and admire the many graffiti arts on almost every corner of the neighbourhood. Urban art in this neighbourhood is well-known, and you can really find some hidden gems. After your art scouting walk, why not sit back in a terraza at one of the many bars in Malasaña to enjoy a cold cerveza! We are sure you will love it too. 

So there you have it! Our top 5 things to do and locations to be at post Covid in Madrid. Stay safe people!

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