4 easy ways to make money in Madrid

Living in Madrid can be very expensive, especially if you like to party or to travel. The rent can be pretty high and can take a big part of your monthly budget. Believe it or not… We know the struggle! However, we found 4 easy ways to make money in Madrid, and we would love to share this with you! 

#1 – Relode:

Relode basically stands for matching employers and employees from the health sector together and the commission can be very juicy. You may be wondering why everyone isn’t using this platform if you can get from one to twenty thousand euros in one contract… Let us tell you, this is because of the fact that you need a specific set of skills to apply for a job like this. If you’re not made for the healthcare sector, do not worry, we continue our list of 4 ways to make money in Madrid below. 

#2 – Vayable:

Vayable is about showing someone else (mostly a tourist) the city you live in. The down part of this is that it only works in big cities, but it works perfectly in Madrid. The other good news is that you get to take people to your favorite spots like the favorite bar, or favorite restaurants. Depending on your knowledge or skills the prices could vary from 30 to 100 euros per visit. This is our favorite way of making money in Madrid.

#3 – Tus Clases Particulares:

Through the “Tus Clases Particulares” platform, you can find people interested in paying you to teach them your native language. The classes can take place at a coffee shop, in your house or the student’s house, anywhere you want!  The payment is per hour and it can be from 15 to 20 euros per hour.

#4 – En.babysits:

A lot of Spanish parents, especially those with a good income or financial situation want their children to get a bilingual education. Because of en.babysits.es, the parents can hire babysitters that are native english speakers. This platform will help you get in contact with those families and you can get around 15 euros per hour approximately.

Out of the many, we chose our favorite 4 easy ways to make money in Madrid. We hope you found this post useful and that you can get some extra money to go on a trip in Spain!

See you next time!

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